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Gregory Watch
                      ...America's Favorite Family Website

GregoryWatch.com, the official Gregory Family website!

With so many questions surrounding the GregoryWatch Website I thought it best to provide this short and simple FAQ.

Q.) Who says this site is the "Official" Gregory Website?
A.)  I do.  Because I am a Gregory and this is my Family's website, I say it is the official Gregory Family website.                                                           

Q.) What about all those other "Official" Gregory Family Websites?
A.) Who are they?  Where are they from?  Do I know them?  Send me links and I'll link to them.  See, the thing is, Gregory's are so cool they need a lot of official sites.

Q.) How often do you update your site?
A.) More often than I updated LGWatch

Q.) Can my family use a copy of GregoryWatch for our family website?
A.) Yes, for a small fee I am willing to make the source code and database available to other families wishing to host their own family history site.  Contact me to learn more.

"More website than most families could possibly handle."
Jack Bendlesendon, Family Website Monthly

                                                                                                     Copyright 2004, Lloyd Gregory.  All Rights Reserved